Are you really checked-in?

Unplug Every Day

Unplug Every Day


I was at Barnes and Noble earlier this week when I saw this cool book! “Unplug Every Day: 365 Ways to Log Off and Live Better”. The book has a different idea for you to pursue each day without the need of your phone or computer. It’s a really great resource for anyone who wants to find something else to do with their time. The guide/book only costs about $9 and is worth every penny! 🙂




Cyber Seniors

Cyber Seniors is a documentary that chronicles the journey of a group of elderly citizens as they encounter and experiment with the world of the internet with help from their teenage mentors. The documentary takes a lighthearted approach to what happens when generation gaps are bridged and tries to show that getting “connected” isn’t dependent on age. The film premiered in Los Angeles on May 9th with several current ongoing and upcoming screenings nationwide. Below is the trailer to the film and the link to the Cyber Seniors website that provides the screening schedule, as well as more background information on the project and the persons involved.


When was the last time you…

wrote a letter? memorized a phone number? read a book?

If you have trouble remembering your last time or it’s been a while, maybe you should try out a Week with No Technology! I’m going to start my week today. The rules are pretty simple:

Things you can’t do:

  • No IM use except with people from WORK and only between work hours.
  • No Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, or other social media.
  • No Streaming TV or movies. NO Hulu. NO Netflix or any similar services.
  • No text messages or BBM. Any communication through phones has to be through phone calls.
  • No listening music to and from work.
  • No Computer use at home unless its work related. This doesn’t allow you to use social media.
  • No Copy or Paste for the entire week.  Unless it’s computer code.

You Can:

  • You can listen to music but only at your job or at your home. Also, no music on shuffle. Either listen to a single track or an entire album (cassette style).
  • News can only be gained from newspapers.
  • Go to the movies at a movie theatre. Your boy with the 60″ flat screen and surround sound doesn’t count.
  • You can use your phone but only for calls only.

To complete the challenge you have to do at least 3 of these things:

  • Read a book cover to cover (2 points)
  • Write a letter to someone (2points)
  • Dial a phone number of someone you know. That’s their whole number not just their name in your phone’s address book (1 point)
  • Go to a Library and check out a book (2 points)
  • Use a Dictionary to look up a word (1 point)
  • Take a photograph with film and get it developed (5 points)

Thanks to The Table of Truth for creating this challenge! Let’s do it!



Bring Back Our Girls

Michelle Obama

Currently one of the top trending topics across several social media platforms is the global campaign #bringbackourgirls. The campaign started after 276 schoolgirls were kidnapped from their village of Warabe in northeastern Nigeria, by a group called Boko Haram. The group is against western education and ideology, teachings they claim are taught to these girls at school. Boko Haram’s leader Abubaker Shekau warned that more attacks against schools and more abductions are planned and that the girls would be sold for marriage. As of now the girls have not been rescued, but the Nigerian government along with other governments are investigating the matter and working on negotiations to ensure the girls are released. Let’s continue the #bringbackourgirls campaign and provide our support so that these girls are returned safely and those responsible are brought to justice.


“Our eulogies have nothing to do with our LinkedIn profiles.”


This week Atlanta hosted Silverpop’s Client Conference titled Amplify; Silverpop is a digital marketing software company. This year’s keynote speaker was none other than Ariana Huffington, the creator of the Huffington Post. Ariana’s address was great! She talked about how today we take better care of your smartphones than ourselves. She also mentioned that we should consider digital detox’s in order to get away from our virtual lives. Ironically, I first heard about the conference on Twitter (#SPOP14) but I completely agree with Ariana’s statements!

I think this video by Portlandia’s stars does a good job of summing up the kind of overwhelming presence social media has on our lives.



Social Media and the News


In our previous posts we have talked about why it’s good to disconnect from social media and other cons of sharing our lives online. In this post I’m actually going to write about one of the things I think is great about social media and that’s the ability to get worldwide news and learn about events/disasters very quickly. I personally never watch the news nor do I read newspapers so I always learn about current events through Instagram or Tumblr. Social media has changed the way we find out about news, how we react to it, how we research it and question its validity, and it has increased the amount of news we are exposed to daily. A great example of this phenomena is Kony 2012, an online campaign that was started through a YouTube video to raise awareness on the conflict happening in Uganda. The video became the most viral video of all time with 3.7 million people pledging their support to stop the violence in Uganda. With this sudden raise in awareness people started to look into the matter and some still support this campaign, but others state that the video lacks validity. A quick search on YouTube for Kony 2012 yields videos supporting both sides of the argument with each side presenting compelling points.  Kony 2012 shows that social media can connect and inform the world and help make a positive change, but like everything else it should be taken with a grain of salt.