Why I Disconnect

DISCONNECTI think we all start out online the same: naive. The thrill of your first few notifications, connecting with old friends and stalking your crush (don’t deny it..we’ve all been there). But after some time, suddenly everyday tasks become events worth documenting. Vacations become opportunities to check-in, meals become chances to post pictures and witty thoughts are whittled down to 140 characters for retweets. I myself joined the social media frenzy pretty late; my first account was on Instagram about 2 years ago and was initially meant as a way to keep up and share photos with friends that lived in other cities. Several posts in, I started wondering about things like, “Why hasn’t _________ liked my photo yet?” and “What do I need to post to get more followers?”

Eventually I realized that I spent more time worrying about the quality of my IG posts than enjoying the actual experience. I spent entire class periods scrolling through pictures, comparing my boring college life to other people’s beach vacations and sunny LA posts. When I realized my social media accounts were changing my perception of happiness from simple joy to quantifiable likes, I knew I had to disconnect and so I did. I hope this blogs helps you do the same and reminds all of us that there’s a world waiting for us beyond our screens…all you have to do is look up.



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