When was the last time you…

wrote a letter? memorized a phone number? read a book?

If you have trouble remembering your last time or it’s been a while, maybe you should try out a Week with No Technology! I’m going to start my week today. The rules are pretty simple:

Things you can’t do:

  • No IM use except with people from WORK and only between work hours.
  • No Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, or other social media.
  • No Streaming TV or movies. NO Hulu. NO Netflix or any similar services.
  • No text messages or BBM. Any communication through phones has to be through phone calls.
  • No listening music to and from work.
  • No Computer use at home unless its work related. This doesn’t allow you to use social media.
  • No Copy or Paste for the entire week.  Unless it’s computer code.

You Can:

  • You can listen to music but only at your job or at your home. Also, no music on shuffle. Either listen to a single track or an entire album (cassette style).
  • News can only be gained from newspapers.
  • Go to the movies at a movie theatre. Your boy with the 60″ flat screen and surround sound doesn’t count.
  • You can use your phone but only for calls only.

To complete the challenge you have to do at least 3 of these things:

  • Read a book cover to cover (2 points)
  • Write a letter to someone (2points)
  • Dial a phone number of someone you know. That’s their whole number not just their name in your phone’s address book (1 point)
  • Go to a Library and check out a book (2 points)
  • Use a Dictionary to look up a word (1 point)
  • Take a photograph with film and get it developed (5 points)

Thanks to The Table of Truth for creating this challenge! Let’s do it!




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