Online Privacy Pt. 2




So on the last post Ashe talked about social media and the fact that a lot of privacy is lost or given up when using these apps. That is one thing I never really considered when I signed up for Instagram, Facebook, etc. because I thought, “People are going to see what I want them to see and I won’t ever post something stupid or embarrassing.” In reality we get so comfortable with social media and online sharing that we forget how much we are sharing and how the people we are sharing it with can also share it with others. One example, is the James Franco incident from a couple weeks ago where he was trying to meet up with an underage girl he had met through Instagram. Even though I’m sure he knew that it can happen, he must’ve never imagined that the girl would leak the texts. Nowadays when sharing posts, pics, texts, etc. with others you have to ask yourself “Will I be embarrassed if other people see this?” If the answer is yes, then be careful about sharing it because it might get retweeted, reposted or screenshotted no matter who you are.



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